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Crowdfunded loans at terms set by you, not a bank.

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Crowdfunded loans

Receive pledges from real people in your community and beyond. Once you reach your funding goal, pledges turn into loans backed by a simple contract.
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You set your interest rate

You control your terms on WeFinance. Choose the interest rate, repayment period, and whether to defer repayment. The WeFinance team can help with any questions!
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Free automated payments

Loans come right to your bank account, and monthly repayments to lenders are sent automatically using our secure platform—all for free.

Help others reach their goals

Lending in our community is safe and easy. Our borrowers are enthusiastic and trustworthy individuals reaching for a goal. Meanwhile, you get a great return on your money.

Some of our success stories

Whether you’re refinancing your credit cards, finishing up your MBA, heading to a coding bootcamp, or anything in between, we have you covered.
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