How WeFinance Works

Crowdfund a loan on your terms:
no fees, no headaches

Borrow from real people in your own community and WeFinance's growing network of angel lenders.

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Start your campaign
Tell your story to potential lenders in your own words. We’ll guide you through the process, including helping you choose your loan terms.
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Share it
Share your campaign with your community. Their pledges and endorsements help you attract lenders you may not know.
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Get funded
Payments to and from your lenders are automatic and free for both sides.

Go beyond a credit score...
or without one

Real people in your community and ours read what you write and make their own decisions. In your campaign, you can share credit or salary information, or focus entirely on your future. It's your story and your choice.

Payments are automatic

Your loan lands in your bank account after your campaign. Repayments are automatically drawn from the same account. It's fully automatic whether you have 2 lenders or 20.
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Lender Benefits

Earn a return while helping real people. When you lend on WeFinance, you can strengthen existing relationships or build new ones.

See how much you could save

Get started now!

Setup takes as little as 5 minutes.
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