WeFinance Lending Partnerships

WeFinance's Lending Partners

After you crowdfund, get a great rate on the rest of your debt.

We've partnered with trusted lenders who understand that your network support lowers your risk.
WeFinance helps you get the best interest rates through loans from your network and other real people. When you want additional funds beyond what you can crowdfund, these partners can offer competitive rates.

Using WeFinance’s partner lenders is optional.
After crowdfunding with WeFinance, it’s your choice whether or not to apply to a lending parter for an additional loan. Our service of helping you successfully crowdfund and manage your repayments is completely free, whether or not you use a WeFinance partner afterward.

We absolutely don't share your data with anyone unless you explicitly tell us to.
Our lending partners NEVER get your data unless you tell us to share it with them.

Lending partners use additional data to help you get the best rate.
When you apply to a lending partner, they'll ask you additional questions as part of their process. This data, combined with the fact that you're a WeFinance borrower, will determine the rate they offer you. All of our partners quote rate offers using a soft credit check that will not affect your credit score. Offers from partners will be competitive, but are often higher than the rate you crowdfunded with WeFinance.

Our Partners

Earnest is a merit-based lender specializing in student loan refinancing and personal loans, offering great loans based on your professional achievements and potential along with your financial profile.

Payoff is a next generation financial services company, designing products that help people pay off their credit cards faster and save money.

LendKey helps you get low-interest student, auto, and personal loans from a network of community lenders.