About WeFinance

At WeFinance our mission is to empower people to use their full selves to get the best possible financial outcomes.

Our Story

Eric Mayefsky is a good friend, and as the old saying goes, friends don’t let friends pay exorbitant interest rates on debt. While at his previous job, Eric began to loan his close friends money directly to help them refinance debts at lower interest rates than what they were paying. Both parties quickly realized these loans were a win-win, giving borrowers access to better terms and Eric a more productive way to use the money than sitting in a savings account.

WeFinance was founded in 2014 based off the beliefs that traditional credit metrics don’t always accurately determine if someone is low risk, and that being in debt isn’t something to be ashamed of. We’ve built the first loan crowdfunding platform driven by our borrowers’ networks and identities. By leveraging their own networks, our borrowers get the rates they deserve from people who have information about their creditworthiness that banks don’t, and leverage that show of trust to get better rates from other potential lenders as well. Our borrowers and lenders strengthen their relationships while keeping all the benefits and interest in their own community.

We’re a small team based in San Francisco’s SOMA district--the heart of the startup world. If you want to help us change how the world thinks about debt, we would love to talk to you. Check out our jobs or send us a note at [email protected].

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