Lend on WeFinance

More than just lending

Securely lend money to responsible people at rates that are good for you and good for them.

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Lend to real people

Empower people to achieve their best financial outcomes. Lend to people with a variety of needs, ranging from refinancing student loans to attending vocational education programs.
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Better than a savings account

Interest rates typically range from 3% to 10%. You can help people and grow your network, all while earning a better return than your savings account or CD.
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It's safe

Lend with peace of mind. Borrowers are vetted by their personal networks, contracts are legally binding, and payments are securely processed using 256-bit industry-strength encryption.

It's in your mutual interest

Lending to real people helps them save money while earning you a financial return. Borrowers paying you the interest instead of a big bank is pretty cool, too.

More borrowers ahead

Now you can view and pledge on many borrowers at once, organized by borrowing need!