WeFinance for Founders

WeFinance for Startup Founders

Crowdfund cash for personal expenses, or save money on existing student loans or credit card debt. All while growing and strengthening your network.

We're the fastest, simplest way to crowdfund a personal loan.
No forms or credit checks—explain your lending need in English on a simple form, then share with your network. We do the rest. You can make your campaign private to your network, or share it with the broader WeFinance community for additional capital.

The best interest rates around—because you set them.
Your loan, your rules. Borrow from real people who support you and pay interest to them, instead of a bank. You get the cash you need; your lenders help you out and get a return.

We make borrowing easy.
Need a two month payment deferral while you arrange your finances? That's fine. Want to repay early once you start taking a salary? No problem. You make the rules. Payment comes directly to your bank account, and repayments are completely automatic.

We're a startup, too.
We know you have other things to worry about while building your company. We help you avoid getting screwed on your personal finances, and let you get back to work.

Curious to learn more?
Hear what a Y Combinator founder had to say.

Download our borrower guide here.