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WeFinance's Official Blog

Bootcamp Corner with Edgar Pabon

February 22, 2016 | Sebastian Fung

Edgar Pabon is a Hack Reactor graduate turned Hacker in Residence. He talks about transitioning from the army to tech, his experience at a coding bootcamp, and how to deal with imposter syndrome.

MBA Corner with Billy Blaustein

February 08, 2016 | Sebastian Fung

Billy Blaustein is a Haas MBA and on the Launch & Expansion team at Sprig. He crowdfunded a loan to refinance his student loans and to cover living expenses. We got to catch up with Billy to discuss his time at Haas, his interest in the on-demand economy, and his experience using WeFinance.

Life Corner with Luis Disla

February 01, 2016 | Tiffany Pham

Luis Disla is a Lyft / Uber driver who crowdfunded a loan to finance his car. We caught up with Luis to talk about life as a driver, the real costs of renting, and his experience with WeFinance.

Are Coding Bootcamps Tax Deductible?

January 25, 2016 | Sebastian Fung

It’s that time of the year again! Are coding bootcamps and online coding classes deductible on your U.S. tax return?

Founder Corner with Moses Lo

January 18, 2016 | Sebastian Fung

Moses Lo is a Haas MBA and Founder and CEO of Xendit (YC S15). He crowdfunded a loan to refinance his student debt with WeFinance. We got to catch up with Moses to discuss starting a company at Haas, adapting to the U.S. as an international student, and how he looks at financial products.