New batch available for pledges!

Our latest batch is now live and available for pledging. We’re excited to help find funding for our 11 borrowers ranging from graduating master’s students to working professionals to coding bootcamp admits. With over $120K available for pledging, use of funds range from student loan refinancing to living expenses. Interest rates range from 4-6% with loan terms between 1-3 years.

One of our coding bootcamp admits has even created his own supplemental site to share his passion for coding and detail his upcoming journey and expenses. Check it out here.

Browse through our listings today and make a return on your savings while helping others save money and advance to the next stage of their lives! Pledges are effortless to make and first-time account setup only takes minutes.

Questions or thoughts? Shoot us a note at [email protected] – we’d love to hear from you!

WeFinance is a platform for crowdfunding loans and can be used to access the lowest possible rates for refinancing existing debt or taking out new debt. Find out more at

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