Launching our first public batch!

We’re excited to announce our public launch with our largest batch to date, consisting of 15 borrowers ranging from college, JD, and MBA grads refinancing student loans, to coding bootcamp admits seeking funding for living expenses. Take a look through our listings page to browse borrower profiles.

These 15 borrowers represent over $200,000 in potential funding, the majority of which are student loan refinancings. Many of our borrowers are graduates of top universities and are now working professionals or have secured full-time jobs following graduate school.

Lend today to help these people save money while earning a return on your stagnant savings. Pledges are quick and easy, even for first-time lenders. Browse our redesigned listings and home page, and make a pledge today!

Thoughts or questions? Shoot us a note at [email protected] - we’d love to hear from you!

WeFinance is a free platform for crowdfunding loans and can be used to access the lowest possible rates for refinancing existing debt or taking out new debt. Find out more at

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